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How to Measure the Success of Your SEO Campaign

Having worked in the SEO sector for more than 13 years, I’ve observed that many businesses that work with SEO agencies struggle to determine the right time to gauge progress.

The fact that SEO is a retainer service adds to the ambiguity surrounding how ROI is determined.

You know, it can be challenging for small firms to pay an agency roughly $2,300 to $3,000 each month. This is challenging for everyone, even major brands, because there are several stakeholders and competing priorities.

They either continue with the SEO service, switch to a different service provider, or end the SEO campaign as a result. The investment they have already made will be lost, allowing their rivals to dominate the Google search console and outperform them in terms of revenue generation.

However, surpassing them in the future will be much harder and cost considerably more money!

A channel is organic search. Prospects can learn about your company through this route. a strategy that can give you warm leads and then new clients.

The SEO competitors you face and the length of time you’ve been using SEO to drive visitors will determine how successful your campaign is. You cannot defeat a competitor who has been using SEO for five years in just three or even six months.

In other words, by beginning SEO so late, you allowed them to dominate search results. Holding back on your SEO efforts enables them to gain strength and robs you of market share.

How Can I Measure SEO Success?

Two statistics can be used to determine SEO success.

  • Rank Development
  • Growth in organic traffic

The initial step in any SEO plan is to show reasonable rank progression and more impressions for the chosen keywords.

You should notice some keyword rankings improving each month, however some may be declining as well. A zigzag graph in an ascending direction will be present.

You should observe both increases and decreases in some keyword rankings each month. A zigzag graph in an ascending direction will be present. And the second third of the deal will make it more obvious.

Understanding how SEO works is crucial, but understanding how to assess success is even more crucial! particularly if you’re new to the SEO field.

Send me a note and I will personally tell you if you are currently working with an agency on SEO and are unsure of how to measure it or if it is moving in the right way.

But, SEO takes time, so be patient!

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